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Our Services

As a manufacturer of cleaning supplies for over 46 years, we’ve gained a lot of experience. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. We’ve found areas where we can make the process easier for our loyal customers.

Our team has thought long and hard to find solutions to the hurdles our customers face. So, in addition to being a manufacturer of British cleaning products. We also offer a range of other valuable services. We’ve tweaked and improved our services to ensure we maintain the same high quality as our chemical cleaning products.

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Private Label Service

We offer private-label products. We package and distribute any product from our whole product range with a custom label.

Our private label service allows you to offer your clients high-quality products branded with your unique label. You decide the brand and we’ll provide you with our product. We’ll also manufacture our cleaning products to your specification and deliver them to you.

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Contract Packaging

Our contract packaging service includes a range of services. From filling, and labelling, to container loading, and export. The whole process operates at the standards and specifications most suited to your liquid packaging needs. Our comprehensive contract packaging service is carried out at our UK manufacturing site. 

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Bespoke Blending

Our company has the facilities and expertise to blend cleaning chemicals. With access to high-quality raw materials, we can manufacture bespoke blended solutions. We’ll formulate a custom cleaning solution tailored to your needs, whilst making sure regulations and legislations are met.

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Liquid Filling

Our state-of-the-art liquid filling line is designed to get your cleaning fluids packed quickly and efficiently. The innovative liquid-filling machine will ensure the cleaning liquids are filled with precision, regardless of the size of the container. We’ll take care of your liquid filling needs.

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Amazon FBA

If you’re an Amazon FBA seller then we’re happy to supply high-quality wholesale cleaning products for your business. Being a local British-based company, you can verify our reliability and seek reassurance with our certifications. We also offer support by email and telephone.

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Warehouse & Distribution Nationwide

We also offer to hold your cleaning products at our large, secure warehouse. All products are stored with great care to prevent any deterioration. Pick and pack service is also available.

When it comes to distribution all our deliveries are palletted, with the options of a tail-lift delivery and tracking service. We provide nationwide delivery.

We manufacture our great cleaning products for all industries and trades.

As well as manufacturing great quality cleaning supplies we also provide other services to help play our role in meeting your needs and keeping Britain clean and safe.

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Technical Advice Service

Our Technical advisors are committed to putting their experience and expertise at your service so you can optimise your cleaning and hygiene needs and requirements.

With over 40 years of manufacturing knowledge, our Technical Advice Service can help you achieve better results and also offer constructive solutions to your problems.

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Dropshipping Service

We also offer a dropshipping service where we manufacture high-quality cleaning products and supply them directly to your customers.

We have taken the steps to ensure our cleaning supplies are high quality and our shipping is swift and reliable. So you can rest assured that your supply chain is in good hands.

We’ll take care of quality control, handling the stock and fulfilment. You can focus on marketing, sales, and generating profit. 

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Nationwide Delivery Service

Our team works very hard to make sure your order of cleaning supplies reaches you safe and sound. For this, we have a cost-effective solution using our fleet vehicles.

We can arrange deliveries for you wherever you may be in the UK. We cover the main cities like London, Birmingham, and Leeds as well as the rest of the UK.

You can trust us to get your cleaning products, regardless of how heavy or large, delivered to you. 

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